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FIDE-rated Greenisland Rapid Championship 2022 Oct. 30th

Sunday 30th October 2022. This is event 6 of 10 in the NI FIDE Rapid Grand Prix 2022/2023. 1pm to 5:30pm. 8 rounds of 12+0

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Oct 30, 2022
from 01:00 PM to 06:30 PM


Greenisland FC Clubhouse, 100 Glenkeen Av, Greenisland, BT38 8ST

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Sunday 30th October 2022


This is event 6 of 10 in the NI FIDE Rapid Grand Prix 2022/2023


1pm to 5:30pm


8 rounds of 12+0


Entry fee: £10.


Players entering this competition should be paid up members of ICU or UCU.


Check-in at 1pm to be included in the Round 1 pairings.


Take seats at 1:10pm for announcements


Round 1: 1:15pm

Round 2: 1:45pm

Round 3: 2:15pm

Round 4: 2:45pm

Round 5: 3:15pm

Round 6: 3:45pm

Round 7: 4:15pm

Round 8: 4:45pm


Prize-giving at 5:25 to 5:30pm


Early entry list:


FIDE 2009 Roberts, Danny


FIDE ID: 2501074


FIDE 1993 Tahmankar, Mandar

FIDE ID: 5019400


FIDE 1695 Morrow, Richard

FIDE ID: 2512254


FIDE 1653 Barbals, Gatis

FIDE ID: 2513838


FIDE 1579 Dorrian, Christopher

FIDE ID: 2515148


FIDE 1494 O’Connor, Paul

FIDE ID: 2518473


FIDE 1295 Dornford-Smith, Adrian

FIDE ID: 2511967


UCU 1000p Tahmankar, Advait (age 8) Newcomer

FIDE ID: 2520826




Greenisland Football Club, 100 Glenkeen Ave, Carrickfergus, BT33 8ST


Limited to 24 players. Deadline to register is 12 noon on Sunday 16th October.


£10 entry fee. £20 late entry fee (after the deadline, if space is still available).


Free entry for 2nd, 3rd or 4th player from the same family. To secure a place in the competition, entry fees are due in advance. You will be emailed payment details if there is still a place left in the competition. Please pay event organiser by bank transfer, Revolut or PayPal (if paying through PayPal, please send fee under the ‘Friends and Family’ setting, this avoids PayPal taking a fee).


Refunds will be issued to players needing to withdraw up to 24 hours before the event.


All players should be seated at their board 2 minutes before the start of each round (but 5 minutes before the start of round 1). All clocks will be started at the publicised start times for each round. A player not at the board will lose the game after their 15 minutes has expired.


You must play a minimum of 10 moves in the opening before offering a draw.


Phones must be switched off before the start of play. Any mobile phone that makes a noise will lead to an automatic loss for the player, including the loss of rating points. Switched off phones can be left at the arbiter’s table. The only exception to this rule is if a doctor is playing in the tournament, they are permitted to keep their phone on silent (vibrate mode) in the event of a medical emergency and they will leave the playing hall if needed to take a call.


Format: Open Swiss


7 Engraved trophies/shields/cups will be awarded to the Champion, 2nd place, 3rd place, Female Champion, Best Newcomer, Grading Award and Junior Grading Award.


Tie-breaks will be determined by Swiss Master 5.7 Build 8 in the following order: Median Buchholz, Buchholz, Progressive Score.


FIDE National Arbiter: B.Jamison


3 member Player’s Committee:

TBC after entries received.


As per FIDE guidelines, players should be members of their national federation. Therefore, with the exception of newcomers or players visiting from overseas, local players should be paid-up members of the Irish Chess Union [ICU] or Ulster Chess Union [UCU]. The 2022/2023 season began on 1st September 2022, ending on 31st August 2023.


A full list of ICU membership rates are available here:


UCU membership can be paid on the day at any tournament in Northern Ireland or the PayPal link can be sent in advance. The UCU Treasurer Adrian Dornford-Smith is present at almost all the   events for anyone wishing to pay in cash.


To enter the competition, please send your full name and DOB to:


Your DOB is required to set up your FIDE ID.


Please note, any players without an over-the-board rating should send their ChessDotCom or LiChess username so we can create a provisional rating for the tournament seeding. Please note, online ratings can be 200-400 rating points higher than over-the-board ratings. A newcomer without any online activity will be given a standard provisional rating of 1000 and it will appear as 1000p in the seeding list at the beginning of the tournament.