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Ulster Blitz filling up.


With mere days to go before the big event (not Christmas) the Ulster blitz is rapidly filling up. You can see the entry list below.


The Blitz this year is turning into something of a family grudge tournament. We have the Gillen’s, the McIlroys, the Corr’s (not those ones) and even the Neill’s coming in from Spain to settle the family scores.


We really should have gotten some interfamily prizes for this. But we did not. What we did do is get nine, yes nine high class shields as prizes. We will have a Champion, 2nd and 3rd. We will also have the same for Intermediate and Junior. The grading bands will be decided closer the time depending on entries.


There is also a great selection of Ulster clubs involved. Bangor, Lisburn, Strand and Greenisland. Will we get anyone to uphold the pride of Civil Service, Roaming Knights, and Derry. These are the only Ulster Clubs. We have people from Spain and Ireland and some people hoping to have a winning homecoming.


Remember we will also be awarding the Jamison Cup to the Ulster Champion. In order to be Ulster Champion you have to have been born within the nine counties of Ulster, and if you are a new comer to Ulster you have to have had an address in Ulster for the last 12 months.


It’s shaping up to be a highly competitive day. There are still places available. Get in touch, book your place.


Payment of entry fee secures your place. It’s still £12, and it’s still a bargain.


Funds will go towards Prizes, venue donation and the Ulster Chess Union.


Contact to enter.


2245*              Gillen, Adrian                                                            FIDE ID: 2500531

2148               Gilen, Stephen                                                         FIDE ID: 2500850

1890               McKay, Jonathan                                                     FIDE ID: 2405512

1789               Du Berry, Ross                                                        FIDE ID: 2519046

1765               Wright, Robbie                                                         FIDE ID: 451070

1753               McIlroy, Gerard                                                        FIDE ID: 2525100

1730               McIlroy, Ben                                                              FIDE ID: 2525097

1724               Belton, Liam                                                              FIDE ID: 2510901

1667               Spackman, Conor                                                    FIDE ID: 2513765

1649               McClean, Caleb                                                       FIDE ID: 2518449

1625               Edens, Jack                                                              FIDE ID: 2521822

1610               Corr, David                                                                FIDE ID: 2516977

1590               McKillen, Pat                                                             FIDE ID: 2513340

1525               Todd, Andrew                                                           FIDE ID: 126171749

1520*             McKay, Ruairidh                                                        FIDE ID: 2406500

1513               Rushe, Adam                                                            FIDE ID: 2511690

1490               Biswal, Saiansh                                                        FIDE ID: 2518155

1488               Worbey, Leah                                                           FIDE ID: 2518783

1483               Gardner, Neil                                                             FIDE ID: 2515024

1437               Crothers, Toby                                                         FIDE ID: 2527804

1400p             Doody, Odhran                                                         FIDE ID: 2527146

1392               Allsop, Rhys                                                              FIDE ID: 2525011

1327               Corr, Jonah                                                               FIDE ID: 2526646

1303               McGowan, Will                                                         FIDE ID: 2523116

1278               Neill, Christopher John                                           FIDE ID: 54796750

1254               Corr, Freddie                                                            FIDE ID: 2527820

1250p             Dunseath, Christopher                                            DOB Provided

1245               Neill Rodriguez, John                                              FIDE ID: 54796776

1099              Hung, Tak Yuen Dennis                                         FIDE ID: 6014801

1000p             McKeown, Alex                                                        FIDE ID: 2524635