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Clash of the Champions

Ulster Blitz Championship

As we approach Christmas, the excitement around the Ulster blitz Championship continues to build.


Who will win the coveted Jamison Cup.


Former British u18 Champion (Dundee 1993) Stephen Gillen is not letting his brother Adrian take all the plaudits as he returns to do battle. Your author has deep empathy with this position as he has a brother called Adrian too.


It will be great to see Adrian and Stephen back for the tournament. But have they still got the skills to hold off the local hungry and blitz sharp players.


The returning Champion Robbie Wright is keen to hold onto the overall win and kudos of Champion. The returning Ross du Berry, who pushed him to the end last year is keen to build on last year’s plaudits.


There can be no excuses, blitz chess is booming. Have you got the bravery to take on the stellar field below.


If so,  get in touch with Chris at


18 rounds, FIDE Rated, £12, it’s a bargain.


2245*              Gillen, Adrian                        *                                  FIDE ID: 2500531

2148               Gilen, Stephen                     *                                  FIDE ID: 2500850

1890               McKay, Jonathan                 *                                  FIDE ID: 2405512

1789               Du Berry, Ross                                  FIDE ID: 2519046

1765               Wright, Robbie                     *                                  FIDE ID: 451070

1753               McIlroy, Gerard                    *                                  FIDE ID: 2525100

1730               McIlroy, Ben                          *                                  FIDE ID: 2525097

1724               Belton, Liam                                                              FIDE ID: 2510901

1625               Edens, Jack                          *                                  FIDE ID: 2521822

1525               Todd, Andrew                       *                                  FIDE ID: 12617174

1520*             McKay, Ruairidh                   *           FIDE ID: 2406500

1513               Rushe, Adam                                                            FIDE ID: 2511690

1490               Biswal, Saiansh                                                        FIDE ID: 2518155

1488               Worbey, Leah                       *                                  FIDE ID: 2518783

1437               Crothers, Toby                     *                                  FIDE ID: 2527804

1303               McGowan, Will                                                         FIDE ID: 2523116

1250p             Dunseath, Christopher        *                                  DOB Provided

1099              Hung, Tak Yuen Dennis     *                                  FIDE ID: 6014801

1000p             McKeown, Alex                                                        FIDE ID: 2524635